Welcome to Weathered Finishes LLC!  Your Home for Rustic and Farmhouse Décor. From Authentic Windmill Décor to Spool Clocks and fun Rustic Accents, we have you covered!

Founded in 2013 by Natalie Throckmorton, Weathered Finishes is a family owned and operated company. Based in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, our company was founded after a series of life changing events. Natalie worked for many years in the finance industry before being diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer. As she battled this illness that affects so many good people, Natalie begin refinishing furniture to keep busy and take her mind off of treatments. She gradually became more and more involved in the "up and Coming"  Farmhouse Décor industry, and had a great eye. Shortly thereafter, Natalie left her career in banking and launch Weathered Finishes as a full time business venture.

Since taking the plunge, Weathered Finishes has launched several successful products and created strategic partnerships with a wide variety of retail and web-based sales channels. We made a commitment to offer on high quality items at the best possible price to consumers.
As the Farmhouse Décor market grows, we have seen many lower quality, low cost good flood the market. We take pride in selling unique, quality products that meet several quality standards that allow you to see the value and craftsmanship in any item you purchase from us.  We thoroughly screen all materials we use, and take pride in our workmanship. MADE In America is important to us, and we like to give as much business as possible to established businesses within our state and nation.
As our company has grown in front of our eyes. Natalie has seen her fight with cancer. for the better and worse.  Rest assured, the family members and Employees of Weathered Finishes are committed to growing Natalie's "Customer For Life" philosophy - something we feel is lost within E-commerce today.
Thank You for visiting our site - Team Weathered Finishes.

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